Practice 2020

with Lauren & Liz

We're so excited to bring you this practice series in hopes of growing our local yoga community and inspire those who are curious about a regular practice to get moving and flowing for 2020!

Practice 2020 is a series of themed classes that is designed to start(or refresh), familiarize(or deepen), improve, and grow your practice over the course of the year. It's not a membership, commitment (unless YOU make it one), or club.

It's a community.  The more you attend, the more you benefit!

What's different about Practice 2020, is that we want YOU to be involved! Not just by coming to class, but by sharing your story, connecting with each other, encouraging your peers, and growing your practice as a community. Our Practice 2020 site is filled with tools for you to use (for free) as you develop and deepen your practice. Monthly videos, a Community Forum, and class theme calendar are accessible to keep you focused and engaged.

Already been to class? Join the Meeting Space on the Practice 2020 site!

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