Moksha Safety Policy

Policy Update 10/29/2020

Remember, our policy is put in place to stay ahead of curve. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for the safety of the collective. We will always prioritize the comfort, safety, and health of our clientele.

  •  Pre Registration is REQUIRED for all classes. Registration cutoff is 60 minutes before class start. You will not be permitted to walk into class without registration even if you are a class package holder. (You are welcome to register for your classes up to 30 days in advance effective 7/18/2020)

  • We are now offering single class purchases! In addition, we have 5, 10, and 20 class packages available for your convenience in our store. 

  • Class package are non transferable or sharable unless you are in a shared household and related (Example, spouses, parent/child, siblings, etc) 

  • Masks are REQUIRED for your indoor classes, no exceptions. 

  • Temperatures are REQUIRED before your indoor class. Anyone showing 99 degrees and above will be ask to practice in the safety of their home.

  • Doors will be locked promptly at class start. You will not be admitted after that. (Even if you notify your instructor, we can no longer allow the late walkins)

  • Bags, large purses, phones, and other personal items will not be permitted in the studio. Please only bring your mat, water, and lovely self


I have a mat bag I like to use for all my stuff! Am I still allowed to bring that in?
          Yoga mat bags are permitted if they are collapsible and can fit in a bottom cubby WITH your shoes


I have a medical/personal/religious exemption from wearing masks, do I still have to follow the requirement for class?
    If you would like to attend class in person, then YES you must wear one.     Otherwise, GREAT NEWS! We're offering Virtual Classes now and you can join our classes, mask free, from the comfort of your own home! See the "Let's Get Virtual" tab for complete details

My friend/family member is in town and I want to bring them to yoga! Can I?
          We are now offering single class purchases, your guest must register, book, and sign a waiver online before attending with you


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