Teacher Training Application and Agreement
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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Agreement

Please read the following agreement carefully. Once signed with your electronic signature, you can submit your application.


Upon approval you will be sent your options for payment (whether you choose to pay in full or take advantage of our interest free payment plan) then you will be sent an invoice to pay your $200 tuition deposit for registration.

You will not be permitted into the program without a signed payment agreement and/or full payment of your deposit


Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to other programs if cancelled before program start date.

Program and Liability Agreement

I take full responsibility for my experience in the Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Program. I understand that Moksha Yoga Teacher Training (MYTT), 200-hour Certification Program, may be challenging for me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I agree to take care of myself at every level. I agree to contribute to a learning environment that is safe, respectful, and constructive for myself, and everyone involved throughout this course. 

I acknowledge the practice of yoga often involves exploring my personal edges and limits. MYTT is not responsible for any physical or psychological challenges I choose to explore throughout my education process. MYTT and Moksha Yoga & Meditation will not pay, or reimburse me for any physical or psychological treatment during or after this program.

I recognize MYTT staff cannot be responsible for attending to, or managing, every student's individual needs. This program intends to meet the needs of the majority and therefore, at times, may not apply or align with my personal limitations or beliefs.

My attendance is mandatory in every session for me to become certified as a 200-hour MYTT certified yoga instructor and to meet Yoga Alliance standards. I commit to my full participation in this program. I am aware it is my responsibility to alter, adjust, or discontinue any experience that does not feel safe or appropriate to me. If I feel unsafe, I will communicate my discomfort with maturity and clarity and ask for assistance. I will not assume MYTT staff is aware of my individual experience and will automatically take care of my needs. 

Acceptance of Risk

I will not hold MYTT liable for ANY psychological or physical injury occurring before, during, or after this program. I am of sound mind and body, capable of participating safely in this program. I fully recognize and accept any risk that I undertake in this program. If I have any concerns I will consult with my health care providers for approval. 

Substance Use

The use or abuse of alcohol or other recreational drugs is prohibited during the training and is not allowed on the premises. Violation of this policy at any time during the training will result in dismissal from the program with no refunds.

MYTT Promotional Efforts

At times, MYTT staff may take photographs and make audio/video recordings of the training to promote the benefits of participating in it's programs and activities. During any photography or recording, I can tell MYTT staff that I do not wish to participate and can move out of view. I understand that there may be times that my absence is not possible and herby consent to being the subject of any photographs or audio/video recordings made during my training. I grant permission for these to be published or posted in ways to promote MYTT.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

If I am asked to leave the program because my progress or participation is not in alignment with the MYTT standards, my tuition refund will be transferred or prorated. If I choose to leave the program, no tuition refund is available. All financial agreements must be discussed with MYTT management.

Release of Liability

After being informed of the above risks and responsibilities, I generally release Moksha Yoga Teacher Training, together with it’s instructors and other representatives, from all claims, causes of action, medical expenses, and other costs related to my participation, whether they arise during my training or from my later use of information or instruction at home.

By entering my full name in the box below, I will abide by the terms of this MYTT 200-hour Yoga Certification Program and Liability Agreement and accept MYTT’s policies and enter into a legally binding general release of liability.